Group Coaching:

Step-Back from The Mind Game of Self Doubt!
(Become Self-Certain, Confident, Empowered & Kickass!)

My signature live group programme. A step-by-step method to move aside the inner critic of self-doubt and become self-certain, confident and successful in all areas of your life and business.

Moving to this space of EMPOWERMENT will help you to clarify where you are now and create a compelling vision for your future. 

As part of a community of like-minded leaders and achievers, you’ll enjoy consistent coaching and get the critical accountability you need to achieve your greatest potential.
Kerry Hearsey Group Coaching is a results-driven coaching program built on 1000s of hours of experience and scientific research to support you to move from a place of self-doubt towards achieving self-certainty.
Kerry as she is today - happy in her skin and thriving

We will cover THREE KEY AREAS:


When you treat yourself right, you have more physical, emotional, and spiritual energy to make life fun and enjoyable. If you’re not healthy, your relationships and business or career will eventually suffer. That is why we will look at both your physical AND mental health and how this might be impacting your Self-Doubt without you realising it.


We look at the relationship that you have with yourself AND with those that are around you. If your relationships aren't vibrant, they’ll distract and cause your life and business to fall short and can allow your self-doubt to take over. The key to success in business and life is to foster quality relationships - starting with putting yourself FIRST in that equation!


When your wellbeing and relationships thrive, your life and business dreams are free to soar - your ability to achieve your TRUE POTENTIAL through having self-confidence is a door that is waiting for you to open it - should you choose! You become a CREATIVE thinker and ready for ACTION, hence CreACTION! This course takes you through the various strategies of building unshakeable confidence to get you to that space. It will keep you focused on what matters most so that you can break through the barriers holding you back in your business success.
When we do those things together...
greater than symbol
Self Doubt

Why do you need coaching?

For everything important in my life, I've had a coach: sports, business, relationships, money management, public speaking, health and fitness. I hired a coach whenever I needed one so I could maximise my time, perform at my best, and feel fulfilled every single day.

A coach will help you see how you can improve your life and will provide you with the insight, resources, strategies AND the right questions to help you get there.

With Group Coaching you will be surrounded by like-minded achievers in your very own private Facebook Group, a safe-space full of support, accountability, and plenty of opportunities to celebrate wins.

How does group coaching work?

INTRO LEVEL - 6 weeks of modules to implement. Then you will be ready to Level Up to KICKASS LEVEL - 8 weeks of modules to implement.
Weekly 1 ½ hour LIVE Zoom Group Coaching Calls for Intro and Kickass levels.
Private Community of SuperBEings!
PLUS Early Access to Exclusive Coaching Masterclasses

How is the course structured?

INTRO LEVEL - Awareness of the Doubt Monkey
Invest in your Physical Health
Invest in your Mental Health
Let go of Negativity
Adopt the Attitude of a Winner
Q&A Week
The Pillars of Unshakeable Confidence
KICKASS LEVEL -Importance of Having Self-Certainty & Confidence
The Secret Language of Confidence
Steps to Building Unshakeable Confidence
KICKASS LEVEL -Sticking up for Yourself
How to Bounce Back from Failure
Actionable Tips to Exercise & Consolidate Confidence
Q&A Week
This is for you if...
You are an Entrepreneur, Solopreneur, Business Owner, CEO or Leader with the financial security to invest in high level coaching that will expand your life and business.
You have the passion, purpose and desire to change.
You are an engaged team-player who is teachable and coachable.
You have the integrity to be honest, open, and honour your commitments.
You are ready for a new challenge and willing to work to implement the changes into reality.
Follow the steps. listen to the teaching. Implement it - small steps at a time. Be diligent. Be excited. Be successful.

So, if you are committed to moving towards your dream life and business with greater self-certainty and confidence, then Group Coaching is for you.

In order to complete the KICKASS LEVEL, you must FIRST have completed the INTRO LEVEL. I’m opening this program to an exclusive group of people. If you want to put yourself on an accelerated path to kickass success, apply below for a chance to become part of the Kerry Hearsey Group Coaching community.

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Jay McKeague

Business Owner

I joined Kerry for her Group Coaching Programme. I had been working on my personal development & starting my buiness and felt lost at times on how to pivot & move forward regarding my business. Coaching supported has helped me to get out of my own way and really push forward with my purpose. I feel more equipped with tools and knowledge on how to move forward and make my business work. Addressing my money mindset was powerful. I would defo recommend Kerry she is authentic and an amazing coach

Lyndsey Welch

Former Head of Online Learning at Loughborough College & Learning Technologist at Kings College, London

Grassroots to Government, Kerry has provided professional and outstanding support and guidance. Kerry has developed successful strategic practice and implementation to produce outstanding results - whether face-to-face or online - providing versatile and flexible approaches to every one of her client's needs

Chris Chapman

Former England Women's RFL Coach & UK Coaching Learning Experience Manager

Kerry is a total professional and takes the time to really understand your needs. She is an exceptional planner and charismatic leader who can generate and maintain high energy within teams. Kerry can listen effectively with empathy, articulate her message clearly and her strength lies in her ability to influence and support.

Ricky Chauhan

Digital Marketing Business Owner

I went to Kerry's Workshop and all I can say is it works. I have also had some 1-2-1 coaching from her and she is a great invididual to work with and be coached by. Kerry helped me to break things down and become "unstuck" providing action items to get me moving forward. I have since taken part in her other Workshops and she has added some interesting and exciting elements, which have helped me move forward to my goals so far and I'm confident will help me achieve what I want.​

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