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Symphony of the Soul
Self-Doubt to Self-Certain, Imposter to Empowered.
(It's not woo-woo, it's woo-wise!)

"It's time to get your SOTS on!"

My signature live group programme. A step-by-step method to truly connect with clarity, purpose, and self-confidence.

This programme will move YOU from a place of SELF-DOUBT to a space of SELF-CERTAINTY and EMPOWERMENT.

As part of a community of like-minded soulful beings and achievers, you’ll enjoy consistent coaching and get the critical accountability you need to achieve your greatest potential.
Kerry Hearsey Group Coaching is a results-driven coaching program built on 1000s of hours of experience and scientific research to support you to move from a place of self-doubt towards achieving self-certainty.
Kerry as she is today - happy in her skin and thriving

We will cover THREE KEY AREAS:


We look at the relationship that you have with yourself. If your relationship with self isn’t vibrant, it will be impacting all areas of your life and career/business. The key to success is to foster  a quality relationship with your soul, to TRULY understand yourself barefoot and open to possibility. This starts with putting yourself FIRST in any equation - an alien concept to many, but one when understood from the soul level, leaves you with an “A-Ha-Moment” that you can’t un-see. It will only ever drive you forward with joy and fulfilment.


When you treat yourself right, you have more physical, emotional, and spiritual energy to make life fun and enjoyable. If you’re not healthy, your relationships and business or career will eventually suffer. That is why we will look at both your physical AND mental health and how this might be impacting your Self-Doubt without you realising it. We look at this across spirituality, relationships, health and money mindsets.


When your wellbeing and relationships thrive, your life and business dreams are free to soar - your ability to achieve your TRUE POTENTIAL through having self-confidence is a door that is waiting for you to open it - should you choose! You become a CREATIVE thinker and ready for ACTION, the seed is in full bloom! This course takes you through the various strategies of building unshakeable soul courage, self confidence, and self certainty to get you to that space. It will keep you focused on what matters most so that you can break through the barriers holding you back in your life and business success.
When we do those things together...
Soul Fuel
Soul Barefoot
greater than symbol
Self Doubt

Why do you need coaching?

For everything important in my life, I've had a coach: sports, business, relationships, money management, public speaking, health and fitness. I hired a coach whenever I needed one so I could maximise my time, perform at my best, and feel fulfilled every single day.

A coach will help you see how you can improve your life and will provide you with the insight, resources, strategies AND the right questions to help you get there.

With Group Coaching you will be surrounded by like-minded achievers in your very own private Facebook Group, a safe-space full of support, accountability, and plenty of opportunities to celebrate wins.

How does group coaching work?

The programme is completed ONLINE over 9 weeks.
3 x Online Group 1:1 Coaching Sessions & 6 x LIVE Q&As
Private Community of SuperBEings and access to the KHC Education Portal.
PLUS Early Access to Exclusive VIP Offers and Masterclasses

How is the course structured?

Your Soul Barefoot
Your Soulful Values & Your Soulful Needs
Your Soul Boundaries & True Self Pillars
Your Soul Fuel
Spirituality/Purpose & Relationships
Health, Wellbeing & Money Mindset
Your Soul Bloom
Soul Tools & Strategies
Non-Negotiables & Soul Agreement
This is for you if...
You are an Soul Seeker, Creative, Teacher, Educator, Therapist, Coach, Entrepreneur, Solopreneur, Business Owner, CEO or Leader with the financial security to invest in high level coaching that will expand your life and career or business.
You have the passion, purpose and desire to change.
You are an engaged team-player who is teachable and coachable.
You have the integrity to be honest, open, and honour your commitments.
You are ready for a new challenge and willing to work to implement the changes into reality.
Enrolments for the "Symphony of the Soul" programme are twice per year  - February and September!

Follow the steps. listen to the teaching. Implement it - small steps at a time. Be diligent. Be excited. Be successful.

So, if you are committed to moving towards your dream life and business with a greater connection to your soul, a new level of self-certainty and confidence, then Symphony of the Soul is for you.

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Zoe Brooks

LE16 Ladies

Kerry spoke to our women's business networking group about Over Coming Self Doubt. The feedback I have received from the event has been extremely positive. Kerry encouraged us all to take action on an area/cause of self doubt and she has since followed up with each attendee. I would highly recommend Kerry as we have all gained something from our meeting with her.

Ruth Bentley

Owner of The Nursery HR People

Kerry is a rare find, professional and non judgemental with a natural ability to balance how far to push your comfort zone at any one time. Kerry has coached me both in my professional and personal life, and whilst this can be a raw experience at times, Kerry’s ability to be empathetic and supportive really helps you move forward and deal with any hidden issues that may be holding you back. I can not recommend Kerry highly enough and will continue to use Kerry to help me continue to learn, develop and grow to achieve the best version of me.

Paula Gerrard

Owner of Paula Gerrard Photography

I recently did Kerry’s 7 day challenge and found it incredibly helpful. The group training via zoom was brilliant. We all set a goal we wanted to achieve over the 7 days. Kerry was there every day with accountability and encouragement. Her coaching style is full of positivity and I found her to be extremely motivational. I had a huge lightbulb moment and took steps to move my business forward that would have taken me months to do if I hadn’t done this challenge. I highly recommend it. Thankyou Kerry for your time and commitment.

Pam Molyneux

Owner PM Business Support Services

Kerry is an amazing person herself with a brilliant mind and she absolutely has that affect on others - she has tried and tested techniques that are simple to implement but highly effective. I have completed one of Kerry's challenge weeks and I smashed my goals and continue to use the techniques I learned that week. Kerry has a great ability to refocus your thinking and to help you pave a better way forward. Thanks Kerry for being amazing and for your continued help and support xxx

Erica Leadbeater

Store Manager for Hotel Chocolat

Kerry has worked with me in both a group setting and as an individual! She is absolutely fab- she has a great way of asking the right questions or doing group exercises to pinpoint exactly what is going on, she read the group dynamic very easily. Kerry’s got great empathy but will also cut through the noise to get to the root of something! I hope to continue working with her in the future.

Connie Towl

Director of DLT Roofing

Kerry has been instrumental in helping us to grow, both in a personal and professional capacity. The vision board workshops have been incredible in business growth and her 1:1 support sessions have been nothing short of wonderful. Kerry is attentive, proactive and nurturing - she also isn't afraid of making us accountable when it's needed! I recommend Kerry to anyone who will listen - she clearly knows how to get results and can offer a bespoke service whatever the requirements may be. A special, personal thank you, for helping to turn my life around and your support on a deeper level. Thank you for just 'getting it'.

Anupa Roper

Author of Sparrowlegs

Confused about your purpose or direction? Let Kerry guide you. She has certainly made me focus on my goals and is great for accountability. Kerry has a great manner and put me at ease straightaway. I love how well she listens and understands my needs. I’m looking forward to more sessions and what the future holds

Jay McKeague

Business Owner

I joined Kerry for her Group Coaching Programme. I had been working on my personal development & starting my buiness and felt lost at times on how to pivot & move forward regarding my business. Coaching supported has helped me to get out of my own way and really push forward with my purpose. I feel more equipped with tools and knowledge on how to move forward and make my business work. Addressing my money mindset was powerful. I would defo recommend Kerry she is authentic and an amazing coach

Lyndsey Welch

Former Head of Online Learning at Loughborough College & Learning Technologist at Kings College, London

Grassroots to Government, Kerry has provided professional and outstanding support and guidance. Kerry has developed successful strategic practice and implementation to produce outstanding results - whether face-to-face or online - providing versatile and flexible approaches to every one of her client's needs

Chris Chapman

Former England Women's RFL Coach & UK Coaching Learning Experience Manager

Kerry is a total professional and takes the time to really understand your needs. She is an exceptional planner and charismatic leader who can generate and maintain high energy within teams. Kerry can listen effectively with empathy, articulate her message clearly and her strength lies in her ability to influence and support.

Ricky Chauhan

Digital Marketing Business Owner

I went to Kerry's Workshop and all I can say is it works. I have also had some 1-2-1 coaching from her and she is a great invididual to work with and be coached by. Kerry helped me to break things down and become "unstuck" providing action items to get me moving forward. I have since taken part in her other Workshops and she has added some interesting and exciting elements, which have helped me move forward to my goals so far and I'm confident will help me achieve what I want.​

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