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As an International Life & Business Coach for well over 20 years, I have helped my clients to break through the obstacles that stand between them and the life and business they want. Likewise, I can help YOU to understand how your mindset affects everything from your everyday life to your ability to build a successful business.
I often hear people say things like:
“I just don’t believe I can do it - I have so much self-doubt”
“I feel lost”
“I am at a fork in the road”
“I don’t have the confidence to do the things I want”
“I don’t have the motivation”
“I am so frustrated”
“I just can’t make money - it’s stressing me out”
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When what they are wanting is:
“I want to believe that I can, know that I can, and go and do it - to be Self-Certain!”
“I want to have focus and direction”
“I can see a path I want to follow”
“I want to feel confident”
“I want to be fired up and ready to go”
“I want to be happy”
“I feel comfortable knowing that I have work/life harmony and can do the things I dream of - for me and my family”
Ultimately, I’m here to help you find your inner magic so that you have a greater outlook on life and business and get the things you want out of it. Coaching will help you to develop the tools and strategies to get you there and I have the joy of joining you on this flourishing ride!

When you work with me you’ll get a coach who will continually challenge, guide and support you. Here’s the thing - it’s about more than just success. Because I’ll help you to develop your brilliant mind so that you can power through any steps you choose to take from that point forward KNOWING you have the self-confidence and belief to do it.

Everyone I coach gets the personal support they need to realise their unique potential. 

I’ll help you to unearth your drive, focus and determination to succeed, even if you’ve had doubts about your ability in the past. That doubt could be self-doubt all the way to questioning the imposter within and that inner critic that never seems to go away.

We’ll work together, using techniques I’ve learned and developed through 20 years of experience along with evidence-based scientific and psychological research, to move through all of that and come out of the other side with clarity, perspective and a positive energy unleashed.
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I know how it feels

I really do know how it feels. I’ve walked the path of achieving the ultimate highs of sporting triumph to the depths of despair. Don't get me wrong, being an elite athlete and working in that arena for decades helped me to develop skills and attributes which I use in my business today. I’ve supported young people, teams, elite athletes, CEOs, business owners and all kinds of high fliers making their mark on the world. I understand what it takes to make positive changes and hit the heights. 

Most importantly, I’ll help you to get there too. 

But there is a walk that many people struggle to talk of. The one where even the highs that “should'' make you happy aren’t quite cutting it. As a coach, I talk openly when, for a period of time, I struggled with depression and inner demons that stopped me from building the life and business I wanted. My mindset was dominated by people pleasing which led me to feelings of failure, low self-worth and, if I’m honest, misery.

It is through both sides of those coins, through the highs and the lows, that I became curious in the human mind and potential. It is from these places that I meet my clients with empathy, understanding and an enriched belief in their capabilities before they have even started.

Because I’ve seen the benefits of exceptional coaching first hand. It changed my life and continues to do so to this day as I continue my own personal development in order to become an even greater asset to you as my client.

Coaching has taught me one clear truth:
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Life’s too short to be unhappy, unsure, frustrated, full of self-doubt or unfulfilled. IT CAN BE DIFFERENT! Coaching helps it so.

But you do not have to take my word for it. Read the various testimonials from previous clients as they share their journey through Kerry Hearsey Coaching.

I know that you have a brilliant mind that can achieve amazing things. Your life and business can be different, even if you don’t believe it yet.

We’ll find the coaching that works for you, whether it’s individual coaching, group coaching, memberships or online courses. Just take the first step towards being coached and I can help you to find the right path for you.


Hybrid Coaching for Life and Business
Have you ever wondered what high-level athletes, the rich and famous, and successful business owners have in common? They all have coaches who help them to consistently achieve their best performance and overcome obstacles when it matters.
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Self-Doubt to Self-Certain - Move that IMPOSTER Aside and Become EMPOWERED
My signature live group programme. A step-by-step method to move aside the inner critic of self-doubt and become self-certain, confident and successful in all areas of your life and business.


Kintsugi Mindset U-Need-Versity OR That Mindset Box
My membership offers are for those on their personal development journey. You might not be ready for coaching and that is totally okay! But what you do know is that you are looking for a supportive community or “go-to” that understands your struggles and aspirations and want to gain insight and valuable tools, online or directly through your letter-box, to enjoy in your own time.
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Self paced coaching
Not quite ready to jump into 1:1 Coaching, Group Coaching or Memberships? Still wanting to take some steps of change? Then the Kerry Hearsey Coaching Online Courses are just the place for you! Providing various Life and Business Coaching courses that will help YOU to start to make those small steps of change that have long-term impact.
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