4 Signs That It's Time to Adjust Your Mindset

If you have known me for a while, you will know that I help people to understand that they are AMAZING people with brilliant minds. But the first part in helping those people is to encourage them to be aware of how their mindset is impacting their life and business. Here are just 4 examples that you might want to consider.

Ultimately, how you look at your life, is what will make you happy or unhappy. When you are consumed with negative thoughts and beliefs, you will discover that you are unhappy with your life. Eventually, your perception of the world will become your reality. This is why changing your mindset is so important because it will make a substantial difference in your life and business. Here are four signs that it’s time for you to change your mindset. 

You Focus on Everything That’s Wrong

A sure indication that you need to shift your mindset is when you continuously fix your attention on the disappointments and worry in your life. I often find this fascinating when working with clients. I will ask them “What do you want?” and they will proceed to tell me everything that they DON’T want. This gives me a real insight into where and how they have been focussing their attention.

You Refuse to Face the Truth

This is a tough one. Noone likes to see themselves as complaining or a victim. But as humans, we actually do a pretty good job of putting ourselves into both sometimes. I was a pro at it once in my life - and even now, I have to work on my mindset not to slip back to that space. Complaining all the time about reality won't change anything. Here is the thing, always complaining about your life is your refusal to acknowledge and accept the truth. There are things in your life that you just won't be able to change, and refusing to see reality, will result in you no longer being able to separate fact from fiction. To change this, you have to take action and change those things that you can change and accept those things that you can't change.

You Become Angry When Your Expectations Aren’t Met

A large part of your mindset consists of your expectations. These are what you believe to be possible and necessary. If you are always angry with the people in your life because they aren't meeting your expectations, it means that you have unrealistic expectations to start with. It is our expectations that lay the groundwork for our experiences, but if you have unrealistic expectations for yourself and those around you, you will never be satisfied with your life.

Always Seeing Yourself as the Victim

Yep, I know we mentioned this one before, but it deserves a line all of its own. When you always see yourself as the victim, you are hindering your ability to change things and create a better life for yourself. A victim mentality is typically a by-product of low self-esteem. If you want to change your mindset, you have to reject the victim role and start building something better for your life. 

Changing your mindset isn’t always easy, but it is one of the most powerful things that you can do for yourself. Some of you will have read this an will be running a mind with a “hurrumph, that’s not me - what does she know?!?” response (reread point 2 on denial and truth!)

Others will be like - “yup, reading this makes me feel yuk, vulnerable and self-conscious to even admit that is me”. Is this is you - this in itself is progress and one to high five yourself for. But now you have awareness of it, what are you willing to do about it?

One answer - book in for a FREE consultation with me and we can chat over a cuppa on zoom on the ways to get you past the above points.

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