I thought every coach did this?

The harsh truth to hear is that, to me, that isn't coaching - it's mentoring or guidance at best, and not in the best interests (ethically or at heart) of the client - it's rubbing the ego of the "coach".

I recently chatted to a client who is at the start of their own coaching practice. We completed her hour session, and at the end of the session, as I do with all clients, I asked; "What was your biggest takeaway from today?"

Her response threw me...

šŸ‘‰šŸ½"That you need to coach the person in front of you and not the problem".

It is something that I raised earlier in the conversation as feedback/observation of an issue within the industry. That all too often, I hear of coaches focussing on goals, tasks, attainment, actions, and the problems. Too many coaches, that I hear of, have sessions based on scripts, formulated to follow a set path from A to Z (a path designed by the coach), or have bought into a franchise that also recommends this style of coaching "performance".

To me, that isn't coaching - it's mentoring; guidance at best, and not in the best interests (ethically or at heart) of the client - it's rubbing the ego of the "coach".

Also, too many are calling themselves "coaches", when they aren't (that's another blog all together).

Going back to my client, her words flawed me because all to often IĀ do forget that this isn't what "coaches" are doing, all too often, they are trying to coach the problem.

Here's the thing to note, if you are working with a coach or looking to work with a coach, who is coaching the problem and not the person, they are missing the REALĀ value of coaching.

Because change, transformation, value, vulnerability, resilience, resistance and so many other skills, A-Ha" and "Wow" moments come from the PERSONĀ and not the problem!

But if you are only coaching the problem.........

Well, you get the picture. A raw deal!

If you are coach reading this, or looking to go into coaching, keep this in mind! The person in front of you is the ONLYĀ thing you really need to tune into. The rest will happen naturally, effortlessly and in flow when you start at this level.

Have a great one!

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