Change & Transition

The Mountain

The Mountain

Because it is those times, regardless of any outcomes, regardless of anyone else’s thoughts, judgements, perceptions and interpretations - that are there to remind you to hold your head up and to look up at the peak.
The Symphony of the Soul

The Symphony of the Soul

It has been a beautiful journey already and so incredible to see the connection and growth that has already taken place in those that are on the course. The A-Ha moments are continually coming, the self-love and self-compassion rising, the voice of boundaries strengthening.
Fresh As A Mindset Daisy

Fresh As A Mindset Daisy

There are so many ways that we can start to work with the transition model – change is not easy, but what we gain through change can be life altering, life affirming and eye-opening when it comes to business and success.We sit in a world of impatience, of lacking empathy, of wanting “more time”…..But all of those are as if we are waiting for an external force to push us through the curve.
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